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Anyone from Spokane will tell you: we are all about basketball here. Hooptown USA was designed to amplify Spokane's passion for basketball so we can build healthier communities.

Madness in Hooptown USA

“They might as well call this Basketball City, USA.” 

Actually, we prefer Hooptown USA. Even in 2014, Sports Illustrated recognized that basketball has seeped into the very fabric of Spokane’s culture and holds the power to galvanize the community unlike any other singular element.  

Basketball has been part of Spokane’s DNA since 1990, the year Rick Betts and Jerry Schmidt teamed up to chase an ambitious vision for their city and unintentionally created the world’s largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament, Spokane Hoopfest. Then there’s John Stockton, the original Hooptown Hero, who is responsible for putting Gonzaga, and therefore Spokane, on the national basketball map. Soon after John was Matt Santangelo who led the team to the Elite Eight in 1999, Sweet 16 in 2000 and is now the Executive Director of Spokane Hoopfest. 

The passion for basketball doesn’t end there.  

At this point, it’s no secret that Gonzaga has become one of the best college basketball programs in the country. Gonzaga women are also NCAA regulars; and teams from Eastern Washington University and Washington State University have made their presence known as well. Coaches and players from Spokane make an impact on the game from Portland to Portugal to Peru.  

The 2021 postseason is no different. 

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The Future of Hooptown USA


Hooptown USA will develop a state-of-the-art outdoor court complex on the North Bank of Riverfront Park in partnership with the City of Spokane, Spokane Parks and Recreation, and the Spokane Parks Foundation.

Hooptown USA will also design a public space in Riverfront Park that displays the history of basketball in the region while highlighting the superlative athletes and teams that have achieved exceptional success.


Hooptown USA will enhance Hoopfest's existing courts through artistic creativity and neighborhood collaboration. Each court will be boosted through neighborhood events designed to further heighten pride through basketball. The community court campaign will establish a mosaic of art and basketball throughout the region to inspire and encourage inclusivity. 

city identity

Hooptown USA will build a collection of assets, both permanent and temporary, that will ensure the lights are on when the ball is bouncing.