Hooptown USA is a non-profit and community brand designed to amplify Spokane's passion for basketball and build healthy communities. Hoopfest will serve as the non-profit steward and will work with the entire community to celebrate our love for the game. Planned initiatives include a state-of-the-art outdoor court complex, Spokane Basketball Hall of Fame, Spokane Parks community court upgrades, and regional and national marketing.

While Hoopfest owns the trademark on Hooptown USA, we want to work with the entire community to find exciting uses for the brand. The Hooptown USA logo is available to download explicitly for personal use. The name and logo are registered trademarks and are not available for commercial use without permission. If you are interested in partnering with Hooptown USA, please use the contact form as we'd love to hear more!


Hoopfest Spokane WA

Spokane has seen basketball success at every level. Even the casual fan knows Gonzaga has become one of the best college basketball programs in the country with twenty straight strips to March Madness. Gonzaga women are also NCAA regulars, and both men's and women's NCAA Regional Tournament games are played here. Teams from Whitworth and EWU have made national runs; and in the last two years, Central Valley won a girls' championship at the highest level and Gonzaga Prep repeated as boys' champions. Smaller schools also make their mark and each year the State B Tournament brings the tradition of small-town hoops to town. Coaches and players from Spokane make an impact on the game from Portland to Portugal to Peru, and the list of local high school and college stars could fill a Hall of Fame.

And then there's Hoopfest - the largest 3on3 basketball tournament on earth, but more than that, a one-of-a-kind weekend, community festival and extravaganza in which 24,000+ players fill 420+ courts spread over all of Downtown Spokane and more than 250,000 people gather to watch a whole city celebrate its love of the only major sport invented in America.

The game seeps into the very fabric of Spokane's culture - whether it's through fans or through media coverage, we simply love basketball a little more in Hooptown USA.

Hooptown USA brings together, in one identity, all of the recreational and competitive accomplishments of Spokane basketball with the purpose of recognizing Spokane's uniqueness and growing its basketball future.