Hooptown Hall of Fame Tile Program



    Spokane Hoopfest is excited to announce a new and exciting feature to help complete our Hooptown Hall of Fame. The Honorary Recognition Tile Program allows the public to honor a favorite player, coach, team, referee, or anybody associated with the game of basketball that has impacted the donor’s life or the lives of others in a positive manner. These tiles will help complete the Hooptown Hall of Fame and recognize people in our community that has contributed to making Spokane and Eastern Washington, Hooptown USA. The tiles will be displayed along with the official Hooptown Hall of Fame inductees and will live indefinitely (minimum 50 years) on the pillars of the Hooptown Hall of Fame at Riverfront Park.


    All tile submissions are subject to approval by Spokane Hoopfest Association. Any messages that are deemed inappropriate will be returned for revision before acceptance. The character limit will be strictly enforced. Each customer will receive an E-Proof of the completed tiles. After donor approval, the tile will be engraved. After approval by both parties, changes will not be able to be made to the tile without a full new purchase of the tile.


    Email jamie@spokanehoopfest.net with the following information:

    • Desired size of tile (10 x 6 or 10 x 4)
    • Name to be put on the tile
    • Description to be put on the tile (please be aware of character count)
    • Contact phone number

    You will receive a call once your submission has been approved to provide payment over the phone. Please double-check all spelling and grammar submitted as your tile will be produced word-for-word as you submit via email. 


    Submission deadline is June 5th, 2024. Hall of Fame Tiles will be placed in the park before our Hall of Fame Event on June 26th, 2024.


    • 10" x 6" - $450
    • 10" x 4" - $350

    Prices include taxes and fees. Final price is what is listed. 


    • 10" x 6" - 350 characters
    • 10" x 4" - 250 characters

    *including spaces


    10 X 6


    10 X 4


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