As anyone living in Spokane knows, basketball seeps into the very fabric of our city’s culture.

Hooptown USA is designed to amplify Spokane’s passion for basketball and keep the ball bouncing in neighborhoods throughout the region. Proceeds from Hooptown USA will benefit our community court project, an initiative to build healthy communities as well as inspire and encourage inclusivity. 

To grow the community-changing power of our brand, we are recruiting Brand Ambassadors because while the thump of a basketball against asphalt may be the rhythm of our city, the people here are the melody. We believe sports connect communities but only through the teammates and the coaches - the people - who shape us. This is where Brand Ambassadors come off the bench. We are looking for ambassadors who will…

  • Be engaged leaders in their community.
  • Share Spokane’s passion for basketball.
  • Believe in the power of sport to uplift communities.
  • Amplify their crew’s connection to our brand through social media and events.

To support our Brand Ambassadors, we will provide gear and guidance so they can rep Hooptown USA to the best of their ability. Additionally, we will create unique experiences designed exclusively for our Brand Ambassadors, including learning and service opportunities.

Apply here!